Site being taken offline

In february first this site will be shutdown.

Since 2003 I have maintained, as a hobby, pages on a wide range of subjects: Anime reviews, wallpaper gallery, a full blown blog, essays and articles, a Japan travel site, Kpop video statistics, Air safety statistics,Futurism research, A noteworthy blood pressure site (portuguese only) which has been the most visited page in the past 4 years (it has been up for 8 years), a freshwater fish disease diagnostics and other hobbies.

Unfortunately the hobbies grew above the fun, and as someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the size of some projects quickly became a stress source rather than the relief of a hobby. That social media was born in between and put me to face the worst of human nature, which many said I should avoid but the anxiety never quite let me go, just made my blood pressure rise, my benzo consumption float.

In 15 years online, I asked for help in all big ventures, and in some I was gifted with awesome contributors and friends, specially during the phase of open anime scans/wallpapers (2006~2009), where I had 3 moderators and hundreds of users posting their work. But recently, with the easy junk material from social media, nobody wants to help, but everybody demands perfection. I have also tried to justify the costs by adding some ads (still didn't receive a cent from it) and raising a donation paypal, but then again, other than a generous donation by one of the mentioned anime mods (some USD 50) over 8 years ago, in the last 3 years that little “Tip me” generated a little less than that. I got way more “recognition” by 2 travel companies that “purchased” my JR-Pass calculator, the first of its kind, snubbed by social media because its "OC", or “a personal site”, and not part of the circle jerking program of your usual social media.

Nowadays, it's no longer fun to keep any of the site sections even as a hobby, which I created to help people while passing my time still doing what I like (coding), but there is no joy on the internet nowadays, its just trolls and kids complaining, often just saying "this is wrong" and "this is crap" with no feedback or arguments, then spam and authoritarian admins/mods with power leaking their ears. The site takes time to maintain, the Kpop section demands attention every day, when it doesn't put me down with the constant criticism that something is missing or a number is different (but despite numerous attempts to get help, the most I ever got were some clicks on “report missing video”). The history research became too complex, the Japan travel site too generic, not to mention the neglect in areas that I feel really do help people without enlarging my server footprint or driving me crazy with lazy criticism.

So just as I cut down myself from social media, all of which are big circle jerks where an elite few control the talk while the others praise anything burped out and lynch whatever stray a tiny little from the biased targets, its time to cut myself from any hobby that is not just for me, that is not fun. Like they say, cut from your live what is not beautiful, useful or joyful.

The fact that moderators and admin keep themselves high in their throne, allow passive aggression to run rampart, and then are ready to jump at your throat when you are fed up with the toxic environment they themselves foster, just make everything insufferable.

Aoimirai domain will probably vacate, and will remain mine for my mail and perhaps the few “cost free” articles that help people unhinged from social trolls. The internet really brings only the worst in people, such is that good deeds are applauded when they should be the norm, while joking how retarded any discussion online is became the staple of the era. People can't think for themselves and need the opinion of the “authority”, which is whoever holds higher likes and upvotes, instead of learning to process information themselves. The short-sightness, agnotology and gullibility of inter-folks mean those who remain just users, spectators and consumers are actually making themselves a favor…

From now on, I too shall turn into a proper quiet spectator. No more OC (Original Content).

I also decided not to offer my database up. I painstakingly created it over the years, why one of the social media troll kids should get it for free?

This year donations: $0(not updated instantly), 2018 donations: $36, Server cost yearly: $180