Transliterador Romanji-Kana

For some time I had to use weird programs that either do it wrong, or do it word by word, line by line, or just well, wrong.
Also, it seems people don't get it that romanji, while there being a "standard" (hepburn), there are multiple ways to write the same thing, and NO alternative gave me a real translator
And did I mention most of them ignore proper vocal to written translations, like from "wa" to "は" or "e" to "へ"?
Well .. my problems are over, I did my own romanji to kana translator. Enjoy.

Wait, WHY use this? Simple: you want to sing along a music but want to learn kana; you don't have a IME keyboard and want a quick-transliteration; you just want to convert romanji from/to kana for some random reason. All of these are really useful for people who don't know Japanese, but either want to use romanji/kana, or are LEARNING kana, specially if for LISTENING/SPEAKING (thus, not worried with Kanji)

Remember: if you want to learn some Japanese, avoid romanji - thus, if you find some content in romanji, convert it to kana! Romanji will only create vices and the fake illusion you know to read something.

Romanji ()

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* - Only on Romanji to Kana conversion
** - Default on Kana to Romanji
*** - Only on Kana to Romanji conversion

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