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Sales data up to November 2011
Disclaimer: Sales data are based on MIAK for pre-2011 and GAON for 2011 onwards. Data is extracted as-is straight from GAON monthly and yearly reports, but since they report only top 100, it is highly innacurate. Every round year, since we have the yearly report, accuracy is increased, but not guaranteed. Data prior to 2011 (The year official GAON reports began) are collected from Fan-sites, MIAK archives or Wikipedia (open sales composition to see details)
GAON is disorganized and not fully accurate even when gathering all data they make available, with the most innacuracies happening the farther we get from the last yearly report; This site does not use Hanteo data, which aside from being a closed to the public (you require an account to check), uses a different approach (see full disclamers); Several MIAK (prior to 2011) data are either incomplete or totally missing. Check the sales composition for the artist to read details on how the data was acquired and its accuracy; GAON DATA IN THIS SITE IS AS ACCURATE AS YOU CAN GET, it uses an automatic bot to fetch all available data. However GAON DATA is not perfect and studio/artist reports would be better; Discrepancies with other sites are to be expected due to timetables, sources and interpretation of MIAK period data.
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Database has videos, with total of official MV videos (not alternate, duplicates nor dance). The server updated 1414 videos in the last 24 hours.
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