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K-Pop videos on Youtube

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Latest MVs
MusicArtistViewsRelease date
Give me moreVAV101.8552019-08-23
Sha la la (jp)Pentagon38.8462019-08-23
Horizon (Dance only)Kang Daniel144.8472019-08-23
Your GravityUP10TION349.5522019-08-22
Happiness (jp)Pentagon209.9752019-08-21
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Most watched in last 24h
Kill this LoveBlackpink551.449.1751.502.894/day
Boy with luvBTS519.469.6621.437.783/day
Ddu-du Ddu-duBlackpink928.316.5401.094.380/day
D.D.DThe Boyz6.242.3841.070.493/day
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