Aoimirai - About Aoimirai K-Pop system

Hi there, my name is Caio and I maintain this K-pop system since late 2014 mostly as a hobby. It all started in a notepad text and grew into a large database and site.

I maintain the whole site (with other sections not related to Kpop, as you can see on the navbar) alone, but since this is my main hobby, it is constantly updated and changed.

You can see how all data for the Kpop system is obtained at the disclaimers and the article on how the bots work.

Since I have been doing this alone, please understand there are some delays to add new videos, artists and features. I also can't bug-hunt for all plataforms, so any and all help is welcome.

From time to time, like everyone, I go on vacation, during which no new videos are added. Its usually about 2 weeks a year so it shouldn't impact the site that much.

For more about me, my profile and site, check the main site "about" here.

Lets all enjoy K-pop music without comparing and hating different tastes. All data here are for curiosity and information only, not to flame any kind of fan wars. Each group and artist is unique, with their unique target audience and goals, no point in comparing.

And remember! If you found this site useful or funny (well ... sometimes it can be), tip me a cup of coffee ;)


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