Aoimirai - About Aoimirai K-Pop system

The K-Pop section of Aoimirai aims to store data regarding Music Videos on Youtube, including but not limited to views, likes, publish dates and statistics on the progress of viewership.

As a personal project that I have been developing alone since 2015, it has always been hard to keep up to date with all releases and groups, so its an ongoing work to complete the database. Few people offered help and usually limited to a particular group.

The required time to keep new releases updated are time consuming so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it takes some time for data to be fully incorporated.

As of 2019, a clean-up on the server after I decided to quit social media and shut down most of the site allowed me to increase the bot performance by 40%, which should allow me to almost double the number of videos before the update rate gets behind again (I try to keep the update cycle under 4 days). In the 2019 version, Followers and Gaon Digital were removed, and sales are present but with reduced focus.

An upcoming feature is user accounts to help add new releases, almost as a wiki system with edit history, rollbacks and contribution quotas. Donating users will also receive increases access to the system (less limitations)


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This year donations/tips (click to tip/donate): $3, 2018 donations: $36, Server cost yearly: $180