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Caio Vianna Lima Netto, born in southeast Brazil in 1978, got into I.T. very early, with his father purchasing a second-hand ZX81 (actually a TK85) and learning his first "hello world" in it at the age of 5.

After learning himself BASIC and programming utilities and mostly games in an Apple//e, even in graphics mode, he learned alone Visual Basic as he moved from the Apple platform to the newly PC world. Enthusiastic about computers, his father updated his computer (which he used for work) all the way with the PC-AT, PC-XT, 286, 386, 486, a Cyrix 586 and the Pentium line.

Attending Bachelor in Computer Sciences in Southern Brazil from 1996 to 1999, graduated with networking works that lead him to a Masters Degree in Networking on the same University in 2000-2001, which he attended together with his soon-to-be wife.

At the university, he surpassed his Teachers very early when at the first semester he built a Basic to Turbo Pascal interpreter in Turbo Pascal as an off-class pass-time and presented to his Teachers at the semester end instead of the expected "pseudo-code interpreter". Later on Compilers class, he built a full stack compiler with interpreter, pseudo-code generation and pseudo-code execution, instead of the partial interpreter required to graduate.

From Turbo Pascal he also went to Delphi, and eventually learned in Computer Sciences classes C, C++ and Java, which he usually only used academically. His BS degree end project was a instant messaging program similar to then popular ICQ, but with features that would only be present mainstream later, with Microsoft Messenger, like server-side contact storage. From this experience he also built on the Master degree, having actively participating on the (extinct) I.M. IETF at RFC 2779.

During his first years, after a quick job with ASP, he worked as owner/manager of a Lan-house where he programmed and maintained the house's hardware and software, including a unique networked shell for the Lan-house that replaced the Windows 98's shell at the time as a dedicated shell for games.

Getting an interest on Internet and working in Adobe Flash for sites as a hobby since University times, he quickly used his Pascal/C/Java knowledge to master PHP circa 2007. His first major work, between 2007-2009, was a bottom-up B2B/B2C system in raw PHP made entirely on his own, working with multiple payment platforms including early VISA card implementations. After that, he worked on 3 distinct dedicated full-stack Framework implementations for different companies between 2009 and 2015. During this time, he often promoted and lectured for coworkers on PHP, HTML5 and CSS as well safety guidelines and security (his Frameworks have never been hacked to date, even his own personal system used on all his personal sites).

During this time he also had to use Python (version 3.0 at the time) and used SOAP protocol for Python/PHP messaging.

Starting 2016, after having to move to the country's capital following his wife skyrocketing career in Banking, he focused on management, research and coded mostly as a hobby.

Please not I am NOT on any social media, I am NOT on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I do have an account with some videos on Youtube but that is all.

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