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GODADDY is bad

Don't forget to update your links and bookmarks, we are no longer on GODADDY, and we are leaving aoimirai.net domain with it (I still own it)

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Note: The new version no longer have the Japan pages, we are also not moving aoimirai.net domain, but I own it so this will stay as a warning


The short version is that after nearly 6 months of bad service from GODADDY, where we had to weekly complain of slowdowns, mysql crashes and server non accessible from all over the world, the last week of February hit the worst, causing even loss of data, we decided to kick Godaddy in the ... knee.

Stay away from Godaddy

Is GODADDY good? No

My take on what happened with my server on GODADDY and why you should heed my suggestion and stay away from GODADDY:


It started ok, but where I live (Brazil) there is no 24/7 service. I thought that would be a problem, it was. Once things started hitting the fan, I was dependent on the US service, which was way better than the office-time in Brazil. Problem is, they never fixed anything, and sometimes outright lied. I work in web-development for 25 years (yes, my first site was up in 1996, my first Computer Sciences year) and I know where things go wrong, and let me tell you, it is seldom the end user.

With a framework that I have been working and perfecting for over 15 years, I have multiple logs, monitors and bypass for emergencies, all of which were being used to keep the site up, all were telling me the same: It is not the code, its the server. Imagine like this: the first line of code gets a timestamp, the last line of code gets a timestamp, you calculate the time between them and you have how long YOUR code took (including SQL) right? it doesn't need you 15 years of experience to know it is not your code when it took 90 seconds to serve a page while the log showed all pages were taking 3s tops to run. They didn't care, they still "offered" improvements that would make php run faster, when it was clearly not the issue. ESPECIALLY considering half the hits on my site serve a server-cached version that barelly runs php.

The mySQL server was another marvel of incompetence. On the last week, about 10% of page fails were due to the Mysql failing to connect, or disconnecting mid query. This is a simple site with a small list of videos and no complex queries, a Raspberry Pi can serve this site and still run your game.

Yet, they wanted me to go to the overly priced dedicated server. That is their tech support, every problem has the same solution: buy the most expensive solution, it might help

After a big crash caused loss of 6h of data and some files corrupted, that was it, time to look for other provider. Even if they were as bad as Godaddy, I would at least pay appropriately. Luckly, I found a better one with the same price.

▶ Customer Service

In Brazil, I can only get phone support (Good we live in 2021 and we have phones), so I used the international service quite often, which is 100% linked: they could see I just called tech support in Brazil when I started a chat, such organization ... ends there.

While again enough at first, the same as usual behaviour ensued: textbook excuses, "it's fixed, you can go" only for the problem remain or be worse, "its your code, call your programmer to optimize it" (at one time I changed the site to a static HTML version of the index with no code at all, they still said it was the programer when the page would take longer to load sometimes!

And when things started getting heavy, as in nothing works heavy (no Cpanel, no mail, no FTP, no page) for hours and hours, they would simply NOT answer me at all on chat or phone. After that they would come and say "what? nothing was going on at all? your site remained up the last hours, nothing on the logs" ... right. I have 30% user base from Asia, 30% from NA and others from Europe and "regional Earth", guess they were all temporarily disconnected right? And they boast the better customer service, yeah, right

▶ Review

Godaddy, in my experience, deserves a 2 out of 5. It took them 4 years to get me to move (all servers get bad eventually, specially the "number ones" which, once there, couldn't care less about their customers), but the fact they didn't even try is seriously bad. Their shared hosting balancing is among the worst I have seen, and I seen a lot. The last provider I worked with (not personaly but at work) would not even care what was going on, they would first move you to another shared server and then check what was wrong on the one you were. THAT is how you do it, don't try to troubleshoot a shared server and locate which customer is hogging resources (on your badly balanced configuration) with everybody onboard. Take one by one, the worst that will happen is one day the problem will "move" with a customer and bingo, you found it, though professionals wouldn't need this dirty trick to locate the culprid. Also telling your custumers to get a dedicated server every time a page fails is just stupid.

In fact, I will remove 1 "start" from there to 1 out of 5 for this: I paid 2 years in advance mid last year, and when I wanted to cancel, they will not refund what I am not going to use in exception of what Brazilian laws demands (a retarded 7 day), so be aware that those tiny savings you make by paying years ahead might end up a big loss when you realize you are STUCK with them, or that is dead money. You don't do that. But that is ok, guess HOW LONG this page will stay up?

BECAUSE my site was so small and simple, the fact they couldn't leave it working is a testament to their mediocrity. You better know that.

I am not going to comment on my new server, lets wait

TLDR: Stay away from GODADDY